Connects Residents and Property Managers together through voice applications, so residents need only speak up to report problems, ask questions, and learn more about their residence.

Jason Ross – President / Partner

Jason grew up in Cincinnati, OH, as a teen had a passion for cars and music. So naturally his first venture fell right in line. Learning how to install stereos was the fun part but as a entrepreneur knows, business is always number one. At 17, Jason made his first investment into a gold/chrome plating machine and started to really get the first taste of owning a business.

After a few years, drawn to more artistic pursuits, Jason began subcontracting for a local DJ firm. In 2002, this passion for music led Jason to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, where he studied Recording Arts. During this time he received an internship at ARS Studio in Orlando, On March 8, 2004, Jason opened his media company, Trusun Media, Inc. TSM has become an industry leader in Web Development, Video Production, Branding, Marketing, and is home state-of-the-art recording studio that is used for everything from music recording to audio post-recording to artist development.

He has personally done hundreds of voice overs and is very well experienced on using teleprompters and working in front of the camera. Through TSM, Jason has added to his entrepreneurial foundation, by gaining experience in the accounting, legal, international business practices, product manufacturing, licensing, and global marketing.

Jason is proficient with many programs such as Protools, Logic, Adobe Suites, Avid Media Composer, Microsoft, Prezi, and Quickbooks, He is also experienced in social media trends and stays current with all industry standard applications and mobile technology.

In 2014 launched Mod Clean, an innovative disinfectant product for the beauty industry. Mod Clean is now a registered trademark and is available in 1600 stores nationwide and continues to grow.

Jason is currently a member of the Entertainment Business Master’s Degree PAC Board of Full Sail University Most importantly, he is grateful for his wonderful wife who understands who he is and is nothing but supportive.

RYAN HOLLANDER – VP Technology / Partner

Ryan is a software developer, technologist, and sometimes project manager with more than 20 years of experience delivering technology solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. Ryan is an experienced contact center integrator, with years of customer experience and knowledge management solution integration, customization, and delivery. Ryan works closely with customers to undertsand their technology needs to develop practical solutions that delivery great value. Ryan also helps customers assess their technology and development needs, manage projects, improve processes, and consult on operational best practices for development and I.T. Delivery teams.

Ryan started his career more than 20 years ago making websites and working in a contact center supporting everything from dial up ISP users to heat blaster label printers to internet enabled Barbie Dolls. Ryan then found his way to VERITAS where he supported Windows NT Backup Software and helped manage internal web resources. This led to working on the internal Knowledge Management System, Atlas, a home grown solution built on AltaVista Forum Software (SiteScope) enhanced with an ActiveX WSYWIG web based editor, an Oracle SQL database, and a lot of custom TCL, HTML, and Javascript. Ryan led development of this tool for 8 years and a short time later helped Symantec and HP-ES migrate this system and two other systems into InQuira. Ryan then became a consultant for InQuira (bought by Oracle in 2011), and he spent ~5 years working with large companies, from insurance, to automotive to finance to integrate InQuira/Oracle Knowledge.

In 2015 Ryan left to pursue his own dreams and began working on his own software projects. This led to more consulting, a partnership with ImproveCX, and eventually the development of SwiftMigrate. During this time, Jason and Ryan had worked on several projects ranging from mobile apps, to board games, to web sites. When an opportunity came up for them to work together on the Tax Collector modernization, they decided to formalize their partnership and have since been pursuing new ways to develop awesome solutions for better customer experiences.

Ryan lives in Longwood, FL with his wife, two daughters, a dog, a cat, and two fish where they enjoy movies, pizza, bicycling, games, arts, and crafts.

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